I am a seasoned ethicist and civil litigator who counsels attorneys on ethics, and assists professionals in malpractice claims and disciplinary matters before state and federal bodies. I provide risk management assessments and advise on a variety of ethics topics including ancillary business ventures, conflicts of interest, fees and billing requirements, trust account procedures, multi-jurisdictional practice requirements, and ethical requirements for advertising.

I love the legal profession. That is why I have devoted my career to the law of lawyering and why I have become so involved in educating and protecting fellow members of the bar. My children know that I am passionate about our family, our faith, my alma maters, and helping fellow attorneys.

My practice makes me incredibly well-suited for serving on the Board of Directors. Clients regularly seek my help to provide guidance and counsel on appropriate decisions to make, considering both the best ways to navigate their ethical responsibilities and the success of their practices. That experience is very valuable as the Bar evolves to face new challenges, such as addressing automated legal advice from alternative business structures, increasing its membership, expanding its programs, and promoting diversity. With my practice, I deal with the problems of our profession on a daily basis and am incredibly well-positioned to help the SDCBA Board avoid costly mistakes.

Without question, I believe in giving back to the community I serve, and have done significant work in cultivating tomorrow’s attorneys today. Members of the Bar will have no question that I have their back, and will keep the Bar moving forward.



Learn more about Dave's commitment to the Bar, and what he will bring as a member of SDCBA's Board of Directors.