Below are frequently asked questions about the election for San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) Board of Directors.

When does voting begin?

Ballots for Directors can be submitted beginning October 15, 2017.

Are ballots electronic or paper?

All ballots will be sent electronically by SDCBA before October 14, 2017. Any members of SDCBA that wish to request a paper ballot may be able to do so by contacting Heather Breen at (619) 321-4113 or

Who is eligible to vote?

All current SDCBA members in good standing are eligible to vote in the 2017 election. Be sure that SDCBA has your current email address on file.

How many positions are open?

Dave Majchrzak and five other candidates are running to fill four "at-large" positions. "At-large" directors represent the interests of all SDCBA members, and are not restricted or focused on any specific region. In addition, there is one position open for an East County representative on the SDCBA Board of Directors.

When the 2017 class of directors is sworn in at SDCBA's annual Stepping Up to the Bar event on December 1, 2017, five new individuals will be sworn in. With your help and support, Dave Majchrzak will be one of those taking the oath to serve.

I am licensed to practice law in California. Can I vote?

Sure, if you join the SDCBA. Through information, networking, resources and services, the SDCBA provides members connections, information and resources to be successful. Learn more about becoming a SDCBA member by clicking here.

Do you have a formal candidate statement?

Yes, you can access the full candidate statement by clicking here.

When does voting close?

All votes for Directors must be cast by November 10, 2017. Any paper ballots requested must be received by that date.

How long is the term of service?

Members of the Board of Directors serve for three year terms. This election is for service beginning in 2017.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the election process?

Contact the San Diego County Bar Association directly at (619) 231-0781.